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Sail Blue Planet - worldwide sailing adventures

If you want to find the perfect sailing trip for you, then you have come to the best!

Be it racing a Caribbean regatta, a super relaxed island hop, adventurous Greenland/ Arctic trips, Ocean crossings or offshore races, Sail Blue Planet will advise, help and organise the sailing trip of your dreams!

Our worldwide sailing adventures include offshore Racing and regattas, cruising in the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, the Arctic, Norway (Lofoten) and the Cape Verdes and Canary Islands as well as ocean crossings for novices & experienced sailors; cruisers & racers; families, groups & individuals; Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, UK, Australia, Asia, Patagonia, Antarctic, Arctic, USA. 

Where is your next adventure taking you?

We are sailing, we are sailing.....

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across the oceans, across the sea.....
Words to live by and we do! Literally!
We finally set off on Thursday the first of May after a few extra days of getting things in order and a few days later than planned.
The crew is gelling well with each other and with the boat – one of the advantages of having had a bit more time in port than we thought. Another one being the considerably better weather than if we would have left last weekend. Always a great bonus!!
We’ve now been almost 3 days and everybody has found their sea legs, helped considerably by this amazing weather I mentioned: mostly blue skies, with some white puffy clouds, gentle waves...dark, starry nights with a little sliver of a silver moon, hanging in the sky like an elegant delicate can just imagine the Sandy Man lying in there, watching the world go by.
Everybody is enjoying being out here sofar, even though we’re a bit restricted on water because of our watermaker problems. Nothing we can’t handle, though; we’ve got plenty of water with us. Just not as luxury as normal with daily showers and daily boat washes!
Back to basics!
More to follow!
Sunday 4th of May, 25.30.25N 61.15.23W, speed 8.0knots, course 045, distance to Horta 1822nm

Sailing along...

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A new year, new resolutions...I'm not normally a 'resolution-making-kind-a-girl', but realised I haven't written anything in quite some time.

And I miss it. You might not, but I there it is - I'll try and get a few blogs up soon about what we have been doing the second half of 2013: our trip to Bermuda, Bermuda and all the fun to be had in the Triangle (girls, it even has shoes in it! Real shoes! not flip flops, not boat shoes, no the real McCoy, with heels and a fancy name inside and all!), our fantastic return to New York (more shoes, but this time as memories), the cruises through Long Island Sound, Newport, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Sag Harbour and The Hamptons, following the America's Cup in Annapolis and drifting around the Chesapeake Bay, an amazing kite trip to Brasil and rather full on sailing trip back to the Caribbean via Bermuda. It's been a good summer and the year has ended well with fireworks in St Barths.

For now, we've had our first trips over Christmas and New Year's and are now anchored of Saba Rock in the BVI's - still an unforgettable place to sail and play; especially now that we know how to kite and even managed to get some kite time in behind Saba Rock, Prickley Pear and Eustatius in between getting the boat ready for our next trip: a full on kiting trip, where all that will matter is getting the boys to where the best kite spots are. Now all we need is wind!


The Bermuda Triangle

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Well, I guess it's true what they say: you get into the Bermuda triangle and you disappear!

Pretty in Pink in the Tobago Cays...

Or at least, that's what it must have looked like to all of you with no blogs coming from Pure after we announced we'd be sailing to Bermuda....

We had a brilliant Caribbean season, starting down south in St Lucia and Martinique, before dropping further south to spend some time in the Grenadines, with some of the most beautiful spots that we know. Turquoise waters, rimmed by white and pink beaches, framed by green palm trees and an azure blue sky with some puffy white clouds. When you get lucky, you might see a little candy pink Carriacou sloop complementing the colours in your Kodak moment...

We got lucky not just on the pink Carriacou but also managed to get the first beginnings of our kite surfing down while waiting for the guests to arrive in Union Island! Quite a nice spot to do so too! (some would call that the understatement of the year).

Luke, our great crew that we've done lots of adventure sailing in high latitudes with, decided that it might be nice to do some fair weather sailing with us as well and joined us in Union to sail the boat to Antigua. Great sail, with yet another green flash! Gone from never


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cheeky old guypolar bear at itq19 August, Ittoqqortoormiit (more easily referred to as ITQ, it will prevent you tying your tongue in knots when you try to pronounce it)

It is cold, bitterly cold and still quite dark as we are coming up for our 3-6am watch. Too dark to see. And we need to see as there is ice between us and Ittoqqortoormiit as far as the eye reaches.
There is nothing to it, but to motor back and forth along the coast until we have enough light to weave our way through the ice. At least the fog has lifted a good deal and we have an magnificent view of the mountains on the coast. Steep cliffs rising some 1000m out of the ocean, with high peaks behind it and glaciers making their way to the sea.


Insurance solution for sailors

A lot of our crew ask about travel insurance that will cover them while they are sailing, be chartering a boat in the Caribbean or crossing an ocean. The problem with a lot of the normal travel insurances is that they will not cover ocean sailing or costs associated with boat charters. We have worked with a number of different insurers, and can happily recommend Top Sail Insurance. Our (and our crew’s) experience with them is excellent and they have been very good in their service. They were also one of the few who covered crew that could not fly out last year to Antigua Sailing Week, due to the Icelandic Volcano.

To get more information or a quote to see if they would suit your sailing, contact us.

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  • "Hi Boogie - Thanks a lot from us all to you Marlies and Luke for a great few days on Polar Bear. The sailing, the company, the food all first class! And you even managed to arrange a quick Scottish summer yesterday! We wish you happy adventures and safe passages, and hope we can all sail together again some day..."  Shetland cruise 2011, Jeremy


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