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The people behind Sail Blue Planet

This is your chance to get to know the Sail Blue Planet team a little bit better. 

Boogie and Marlies are the people behind Star Chaser Sailing and the famous Swan 51 Star Chaser and built up a successful business as the owner/skippers of Star Chaser. With Boogie running Star Chaser full time, Marlies combined sailing and racing on Star Chaser with the sales and marketing of Star Chaser Sailing as well as skippering and racing on other yachts. They sailed the 'Atlantic Circuit' with and without Star Chaser for a number of years and have met a lot of skippers and got introduced to their yachts during this period. This knowledge, combined with the valuable time on their own charter yacht and their previous sailing and business experience, has put them into a unique position to find the perfect yacht for the sailing that you want to do!





A little background on Boogie and Marlies

Boogie is a qualified RYA/MCA Ocean Yachtmaster and Cruising Instructor and has been running yachts professionally for cruising charters, ocean crossings and racing events. Boogie is a passionate sailor and racer who has been sailing and racing since he was about 4 years old. He is tremendously enthusiastic and knowledgeable and loves teaching people about his passion, sailing. Since he started sailing, he has sailed in numerous places and regattas around the world, including Europe, the Caribbean and Australia and the Atlantic Adventure in 2010 on Star Chaser was his 17th Transatlantic crossing.

Marlies is Dutch and learned sailing on the lakes in The Netherlands when she was 18 years old. She has travelled extensively, both for work and pleasure. She has a degree in business and international marketing and started her career in Paris as a Trader. After 11 years working in international marketing and exports in a corporate environment, she decided to travel the world for a while and spent 2 years travelling on and off in Asia, South Africa, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. She speaks fluent French, English and Dutch, but also jabbers away quite nicely in German, Spanish and Portuguese, making things a lot easier when they are travelling the seven seas!Marlies

In 2004 she started sailing professionally and has worked and sailed on a variety of boats, from 20 footers to 180 footers. She is a keen racer and can regularly be found on the foredeck. She holds a MCA Master of Yachts as well as an RYA/MCA Ocean Yachtmaster.

Boogie and Marlies have a fantastic reputation with their crews and the wider sailing community. They combine professional sailing qualifications with enormous experience. Between them they have completed 24 Transatlantics, numerous offshore races and countless regattas and offshore passages.

Their passion for sailing is inspirational and they love to share their knowledge with others, be it while sailing or to find you the perfect sailing trip. They are famous with their crews, not only for their racing skills and professionalism, but also for their enthusiasm and their relaxed, confident way of running the boat!

Beside Sail Blue Planet, they are running the Challenge 72 Polar Bear at the moment and they invite you to come sailing with them up in the Arctic, on the ARC or down in the Canaries and the Cape Verdes!

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