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Ship's Blogs: Polar Bear 2011 Arctic Adventures

Big seas, big winds, big fun!
We are sailing, we are sailing.....
Sailing along...
The Bermuda Triangle
Arrived in St Lucia!
ETCB...Estimated Time to Cold Beer...
Weather and other silly things...
Paaartyyyyyyyyyyy! Half way Baby!
Crew stories
Gone with the wind...
A new Transatlantic adventure begins!
Capri, St Tropez, Palma...not a bad line up!
No wind, flat seas...can it be a good thing on a sail boat?
Change of plans
On the road again...
Sailing across the Atlantic!
News from mid-Atlantic
Hello Azores!
Boogie and Marlies are sailing across the Atlantic as we speak!
End of a fantastic Arctic Summer
Back in Lerwick!
They are around! Or how we finally saw the Orcas...
Glorious sunshine and a fresh breeze!
Taking shelter in Husavik
Going south
Leaving the Arctic, Iceland and the Ice behind...
Track Greenland to Iceland
Back in Akureyri
Cold and miserable
Aurora Borealis
Village People
Ice cube dipping
Icy wonderland
We are going on a, summer holiday...
Ice, ice and ice
Inspiring Ice and BBQ on the Rocks!
Flying out...and in...
Amazing nature
Iceland - Greenland: take two
And we're off!
What we did the last two weeks...
The Russian Landscape Paparazzi
Ice ahoy!!
Evasive Greenland...
How close can you get
Another Whale of a Time!
Photo blog Iceland - Puffins and Whales
Sunday morning bliss
Party time
Puffin Love
Go with the flow
'Ode to an Oosik'
Whale of a time!!
Land Ahoy!
Getting closer!
The Rugged Island
All the Way to the Top!
Happy team, hot showers, hot pool!
Back at Sea
Land Ahoy!
Nature's beauty
Grey is beautiful
The next adventure starts!
Track Lofoten Trip 2 (Norway)
Back in Bodo!
Great catch!
Fishing bounty
Track Lofoten Trip 1 (Norway)
Amazing mountains and more
Perfect parking: big boat in a small corner
Stunning scenery
The Lofoten Bunch (part 1)
The Scottish Invasion
Crossing the Arctic Circle
Track Shetlands to Bodo - Polar Bear
What a welcome!
Halfway point with a cherry on top
Sunset over Unst
Ready, steady, go!
Sunday Chillin' in Scalloway Castle
Track for the Shetland Cruise
Great sailing or wildlife watching...what's it to be?
Island Birds and Fish Treats
Glorious day in Lerwick, Shetland Islands
Track for Newcastle to Shetland Islands / Leriwck to Bressay
Shetland Islands are in sight!
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Live from onboard
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