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What if you really love sailing, but love your adventure as well?

We've got exactly the thing for you!

We have a number of fantastic sailing adventures for you, that will certainly bring the explorer in you out.

How about sailing across the Arctic Ocean via one of the most isolated islands on earth? CIrcumnavigating Milne Island in the breathtaking Scoresby Sund, a famous fjord on the East coast of Greenland? Or island hopping in an archipelago that is not yet taken over by tourists, Cape Verdes Islands? Or climbing a volcano in the Arctic Ocean that is only accessible by boat? Kayaking in the Lofoten in Norway, or even more spectacular, in Greenland amongst the ice fjords and growlers? Crossing an ocean, not just one way, but both ways?

Sail Blue Planet is working closely with some great yachts that take you off the beaten track and take you to discover some amazing places on this great blue planet. Generally, sailing is not the main focus of these trips, but a means of getting to remote locations, or experiencing certain locations in a different way. Have a look at the different options and contact us for more details!

In the future we will add Antarctic adventures as well as a standard trip - if you would already like to get some information about sailing in or to Patagonia, Antarctica and South Georgia, please do contact us, we can help you decide which yacht would best fit the type of experience that you are looking for.

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