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We are sailing, we are sailing.....

across the oceans, across the sea.....
Words to live by and we do! Literally!
We finally set off on Thursday the first of May after a few extra days of getting things in order and a few days later than planned.
The crew is gelling well with each other and with the boat – one of the advantages of having had a bit more time in port than we thought. Another one being the considerably better weather than if we would have left last weekend. Always a great bonus!!
We’ve now been almost 3 days and everybody has found their sea legs, helped considerably by this amazing weather I mentioned: mostly blue skies, with some white puffy clouds, gentle waves...dark, starry nights with a little sliver of a silver moon, hanging in the sky like an elegant delicate can just imagine the Sandy Man lying in there, watching the world go by.
Everybody is enjoying being out here sofar, even though we’re a bit restricted on water because of our watermaker problems. Nothing we can’t handle, though; we’ve got plenty of water with us. Just not as luxury as normal with daily showers and daily boat washes!
Back to basics!
More to follow!
Sunday 4th of May, 25.30.25N 61.15.23W, speed 8.0knots, course 045, distance to Horta 1822nm
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Live from onboard
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